The Do's And Don'ts Of Hiring A Motivational Speaker For A High School


High school students can be a tough crowd. The many jokes about how teenagers think they know everything ring true to many people because teens can feel overly confident. At the same time, high school students can make terrible choices that impact the rest of their lives because they are insecure. A motivational speaker can inspire teenagers to look inside themselves and make smarter choices. It can also help them set goals, make a realistic plan for achieving their dreams, and pursue those goals.

13 December 2017

What Should You Consider When Selecting A Speaker For A Sports-Related Retreat?


If you've been assigned the responsibility of selecting a keynote speaker for your amateur or semi-professional sports team's annual retreat, you may at first assume this is a fairly easy task -- after all, how can you go wrong by choosing a retired athlete who has firsthand experience in the sport you and your fellow retreat attendees play? However, you may be able to provide even more benefit to attendees by thinking outside the box (or field, or court) when choosing a motivational speaker.

15 June 2017