How Do You Get Motivated?

Hi. Welcome to my website. My name is Rebecca. I’m thirty-two years old, single and an executive in a large company. I would love to tell you that I wake up at six o’clock every morning, jump out of bed with a smile on my face and ready to tackle the day. But the truth is I usually wake up a cranky person who would like to crawl back in bed for a few more hours. I have found that if I spend the first few minutes of every day doing something that is motivating to me, it changes my attitude even quicker than a cup of coffee! I have some motivational books that I enjoy reading small excerpts out of. I receive motivational quotes in my email. I also enjoy meditation. I am going share more about motivational techniques. I hope you find it to be helpful.

What Should You Consider When Selecting A Speaker For A Sports-Related Retreat?


If you've been assigned the responsibility of selecting a keynote speaker for your amateur or semi-professional sports team's annual retreat, you may at first assume this is a fairly easy task -- after all, how can you go wrong by choosing a retired athlete who has firsthand experience in the sport you and your fellow retreat attendees play? However, you may be able to provide even more benefit to attendees by thinking outside the box (or field, or court) when choosing a motivational speaker. Read on for some of the factors you may want to consider during this selection process. 

What do you hope your attendees to gain?

Choosing a motivational speaker with experience in the sport you play can provide your attendees with some additional insight into strategy or gameplay, as well as provide an invaluable atmosphere of shared experiences that can be truly understood only by those who have participated in your sport. 

However, if you want your team to become closer, or if you'd like to find some ways to minimize the interpersonal conflict your team sometimes experiences, you may want to consider choosing a motivational speaker who specializes in conflict resolution techniques or team-building activities. In the long run, these techniques may come in far handier than any strategic advice bestowed by a retired player, helping you and your teammates quickly resolve strife before it threatens to put a wedge between formerly close teammates. 

What's your budget?

Motivational speakers often aren't cheap, and you may be reluctant to spend a sizable portion of the entire retreat's budget on a single 30- or 60-minute speaker. By looking at speakers in a variety of industries and price ranges, giving preference to those within driving distance (to cut down on travel costs), you may be able to find a perfect fit for less than you planned to spend, reserving these funds for other retreat extras.

What's your backup plan?

Even the best-laid plans can fall through, and getting your deposit back is cold comfort if you're left without a speaker at the main event of your retreat. It can often be wise to have a backup speaker arranged -- either a fellow sports team member who can help lead team-building activities or a paid speaker who can be utilized in another part of your conference or retreat if he or she doesn't wind up being needed for the keynote speech. Visit to learn more.


15 June 2017