How Do You Get Motivated?

Hi. Welcome to my website. My name is Rebecca. I’m thirty-two years old, single and an executive in a large company. I would love to tell you that I wake up at six o’clock every morning, jump out of bed with a smile on my face and ready to tackle the day. But the truth is I usually wake up a cranky person who would like to crawl back in bed for a few more hours. I have found that if I spend the first few minutes of every day doing something that is motivating to me, it changes my attitude even quicker than a cup of coffee! I have some motivational books that I enjoy reading small excerpts out of. I receive motivational quotes in my email. I also enjoy meditation. I am going share more about motivational techniques. I hope you find it to be helpful.

Want To Lose Weight But Stuck In A Rut? How To Dig Yourself Up Out Of That Hole


If you need to lose weight but are not doing anything about it, you need to have some motivation to get out of the rut you are in. Follow the three tips below to get yourself out of your chair and working towards your weight loss goal.

See a Motivational Speaker

One way you can get the motivation you need is to listen to a good motivational speaker. Before you attend a conference, you need to find a speaker that works best for your situation. This may be a personal development speaker. This person inspires and motivates you to take action on your problem. They can also show you techniques to build confidence that you can utilize as you start your new fitness regime.

You can find speakers by looking through your local newspaper for upcoming speakers in your area or looking online. If the speaker is well-known, you should sign up early, as the seats could be taken very quickly.

Get Support

Instead of going through this situation alone, get some support to help you. Just like a smoking cessation group, you can likely find a support group of people that are trying to lose weight just like you are. This support group could be in your area or you can find one online. An online group is one that is available any time you need help, and you can make some great friendships.

You may also want to join a weight loss program that can help you know the right foods to eat as well as the best types of exercises you can do. This program may have a weekly weigh-in to motivate you even more to do what you need to each day. Find a friend that wants to lose weight also to exercise with you.

Start Small

If you do not exercise at all and have not in a while, do not start out working out for an hour every day. Instead, start out small. This could mean five to 15 minutes a day in the beginning, and working yourself up to that hour a little at a time.  Knowing you only have to do something for a few minutes will help you get up and do it. Once you start feeling healthier, this can motivate you to start working out for longer periods. You will also build up your body and lungs so you can start doing different types of exercises, such as jogging instead of walking.

Losing weight takes time, so do not lose motivation if the pounds do not start falling off of you very quickly. Perseverance is important, so stick with it and you'll see progress. 


1 September 2015